Atilla Roaster 15kg Gold Plus

Roaster used by coffee shops and roasters of specialty coffees, as it is able to extract the maximum of the positive qualities of coffee. It has digital controls for drum rotation and air flow, providing countless adjustment possibilities. Compact equipment with fine workmanship, which can have the color desired by the customer.


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    The ATILLA 15 kg GOLD plus is an equipment that was designed for roasting special coffees, capable of extracting the maximum of the positive qualities of coffee. Digital drum rotation and airflow controls are able to significantly change the roasting profile. The burner, of German origin, is based on micro flame technology, highly accurate and stable with enough power to change the air temperature in a matter of seconds. The gas valve guarantees the safety of the process, interrupting the gas supply, which extinguishes the fire, in the event of a power failure that moves the cylinder. Thus the roasting process is also interrupted. The cooler is the fastest in its category, it has an independent turbine and with that it gets the coffee to room temperature in just 1 minute. The roaster is extremely quiet, compact, rigid and easy to maintain, it hardly breaks and when it needs maintenance it is almost always done by the operator himself. Talking about finishing is almost unnecessary, perfection in painting with no sharp edges, weld points and irregular corners. The above characteristics and the countless others make ATILLA the dream of roasting masters, even those who know and can buy imported roasters! Stable, precise, capable of providing repeatability, reliability and pleasure in operating, this is an ATILLA. The smoke elimination system (optional) allows the equipment to be installed in places where the smoke from the roaster needs to be eliminated, that is, it cannot be emitted outside the environment.






    Technical Information

    Maximum capacity: 15kg
    Average roasting time: 15 min.
    Height: 1,9m
    Length: 2m
    Width: 1.1m
    Weight: 375 kg
    Gas consumption: 2kg / hour
    Cooling time: 60s
    Fuel type: LPG
    Number of engines: 4
    Voltage / Frequency / Phase: 220v / 6ohz / 2 phases
    Power (BTU): 11000 (min) / 200000 (max)
    Power: 1.2kwh