Our history

In the mid-1990s, few manufacturers produced coffee roasting equipment in Brazil. A turnaround in the country’s politics however, created opportunities for new companies to enter the market. Tomas Emerick, jumped on the occasion in 1995, developing a new type of roaster in line with the needs of the market. ATILLA was born.

Over the years his children have taken over the business. Today, ATTILA focuses on the specialty coffee market and provides machines for coffee shops and small to medium roasteries. It is currently present in almost all states of Brazil and in various countries around the world.

ATTILA products are manufactured in the city of Belo Horizonte in the Minas Gerais state.
Atilla has a team of collaborators committed to spreading the brand as a synonym for high quality.


Mission, vision and values



Respect, ethics and transparency in business transactions.

The company practices conscious capitalism among its stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners and collectors). As a result, their products are advertised by the customers themselves who recommend them to friends..



Brazilian market:remain leader in sales of coffee roasters;External market:continue the process of expanding the Atilla roaster market to other continents; In addition, increasing the Atilla product mix for the specialty coffee segment.



Making roastersof excellent quality, always striving for respect among all involved.The company believes that the best way to have a lasting business is to build healthy relationships with customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

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