Atilla Roaster 30kg Standard

Suitable for small and medium roasting. With an average production of 8,000 kg / month. Medium sized equipment, with a fine finish and capable of giving the roasting master great command over the roasting process.


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    Easy operation equipment that allows temperature control during the roasting process, through the thermometer and manual adjustment of the flame height. It has an exhaust system for complete removal of smoke and films, from the inside of the cylinder to the outside, leaving the environment fresh and clean at the time of roasting. The color of the grains can be seen through the display and the sample collector, this at any time during the roasting process. It has a safety lock at the outlet of the roasted beans, preventing an involuntary opening during roasting. The cooling process is done by suction of heat through a turbine. The finishing of the equipment is of a high quality standard, including chemical treatment of the steel, which guarantees a better adhesion of the paint avoiding future oxidation. The smoke elimination system (optional) allows the equipment to be installed in places where the smoke from the roaster needs to be eliminated, that is, it cannot be emitted outside the environment. The gas valve (optional) interrupts the gas supply, extinguishing the fire, in case of power failure that moves the cylinder. Thus the roasting process is also interrupted. Through the control panel, the operator will start the roaster and cooler motors, have the option of programming a desired temperature and be alerted, using an audible signal, when the temperature of the grains reaches this temperature, favoring the standardization of the Burn.



    Technical Information

    Maximum Capacity: 30 kg
    Average roasting time: 20 min.
    Height: 2,55m
    Length: 3,30m
    Width: 2,15m
    Weight: 500 kg
    Gas consumption: 2kg/hora
    Cooling time: 4min
    Fuel: GLP
    Number of engines: 4
    Voltage / Frequency / Phase: 220v/ 6ohz/3 fases
    Wattage: 3kwh