Common questions:

Does the company accept my used equipment to buy a new one?

Yes. We have an interesting exchange policy for our customer. When purchasing more modern or larger equipment, the customer can use his used Atilla as part of the payment. The customer is guaranteed that their Atilla roaster will be worth 70% of the value for which it was purchased, as long as it has not suffered damage from accidents.

Does roaster also grinds?

No. Each equipment, roaster and grinder, operate separately. In fact, for customers who are going to pack powdered coffees, we advise that between roasting and grinding, the coffee should “rest” for about 24 hours to obtain a higher quality of the dink.

As for the readjustments of product values, does the company have any policies?

Yes. Atilla adjusts its table once a year. Even if there are readjustments in manufacturing costs during the year, such as: increased wages, inputs and technological developments in products, the company keeps its price list fixed from January 1st to December 31st.

Can I choose the color of my roaster?

For the Gold Plus products there are 7 colors to choose from. Standard line products are black. All Atilla products receive electrostatic painting.

What is the lifetime and warranty of Atilla products?

Atilla equipment is built to have a very long service life. Mechanical wear is practically irrelevant as it requires little effort to turn the drum.
The physical structure of the drum also suffers very little wear, since the use of LPG gas provides complete combustion.