We are a 100% Brazilian company, which since 1995 has been exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of roasters for coffee and cereals. We are proud to be present in most coffee shops in Brazil that roast their own coffee.

logo comemorativa atilla 20 anos

Commemorative logo

The purpose of the 20-year company logo is to print tradition and, at the same time, contemporaneity, development, technology. In order to be able to trace all this chronology, we sought the oldest image of the deal in grain crops, uniting it with the already existing and consolidated brand in the market.
The image of the farmer refers to maternal care in dealing with the product, the female zeal. The same care applied in the manufacture of Atilla products. In the same space, circumscribed by the box that expanded from the original logo, there is room for the modern, strong and challenging (expressed by the hard lines of Atilla’s spelling) and also the feminine, traditional, comforting and soft (farm, its curves, lightness dashes).
Involving all these characteristics in the same space also provides the idea of ​​organization and harmony, principles of the company that guarantee efficiency and good treatment with customers.